MAFI was founded in 1957 by 3 brothers. One of them was Martin Fiala whose initials formed our company name MAFI. The object of the then founded company was the production of trailers, flat bed trailers, electric tractors, trailers for pre-fabricated sections for industry, distribution and seaports.


In the 1960ies MAFI pioneered and invented the RoRo system (roll on/ roll off) and set standards for efficient and economic loading and unloading of ships. This Cargo/Rolltrailer-System consisting of tractor, gooseneck and rolltrailer revolutionized the cargo handling in seaports worldwide. This invention meant a drastic reduction of ship loading and unloading times.

Using a MAFI rolltrailer it became possible to roll cargo in and out of a ship via a loading ramp rather than to lift it in and out by crane.


All over the world rolltrailers became known simply as “MAFI’s”. Still today this efficient system is used by seaports, airports, manufacturers and industry.


Since 1975 MAFI operates under the name of MAFI Transport-Systeme GmbH. Today MAFI is a member of NDW Group, Eberbach, Germany. The focus lies on equipment for container handling and RoRo operations in seaports as well as transportation of heavy cargo in heavy industry.