February 1, 2017

MAFI for DCT Gdansk

Germany-based tractor manufacturer, MAFI Transport-Systeme GmbH, has successfully completed another delivery of 33 units of Terminal tractors type T 230 F to DCT Gdansk in Poland. All of the tractors will be operating at the recently opened new Second Deepwater Berth (T2).

For this operation, the tractors will be handling Container chassis with a payload of up to 65 tons.

The tractors have been delivered with a Cummins engine in stage IIIB and an Allison gearbox.
The T 230’s have a fixed 5th wheel. The container chassis will only be disconnected for maintenance purposes, so an elevating 5th wheel isn’t necessary. A fixed 5th wheel has the advantage of not having any moving parts and no maintenance has to be carried out on cylinders or corresponding hydraulic system.
A double fuel tank with a total volume of 400 L diesel has also been installed. The tanks are connected and can be refuelled from either side. This allows DCT to run several shifts without refuelling. The latest technology in fleet monitoring has been implemented. While refuelling, a sensor submits additional information such as vehicle ID, current operating hours and the amount of fuel that has been refilled via WiFi to the central main computer. This system allows DCT to boost their efficiency. Now they are fully aware of the working hours of each tractor and can balance the operation accordingly.

The T 230 F is equipped with various options for a comfortable and ergonomical working environment. This is in line with DCT’s strong emphasis on health and safety measures, and accordingly, a light has been installed on top of the cabin that indicates whether the driver has fastened the seat belt. The opening/closing of the 5th wheel plate also has separate indicator lights, depending on which position the lock is in. Furthermore, all tractors have been equipped with an air suspended rear axle which is active up to 14 tons and an air suspended seat. The air suspended rear axle is the strongest in the market. All warning systems in place will inform the driver immediately in the case of any engine/transmission failures.

Harald Lutz, sales manager at MAFI said, that “During this project we had a remarkably good partnership with all the people at DCT and are proud to have delivered a complete fleet of new tractors type T 230 F for the new terminal”.