Distribution Tractor T 225 D

The Distribution Tractor T 225 D is mostly used for shunting semi-trailers in distribution and logistic centres. The long wheel base of 3,500 mm provides considerably more space between semi-trailer and driver's cabin. Brake and power supply can be connected easily. Safe, comfortable and efficient performance is ensured. Special tyres provide the required low 5th wheel height.


Main features:


  • Spacious-cabin with glass door
  • Cabin ROPS/ FOPS officially certified
  • Excellent overall view
  • Turning radius 7.400 mm
  • Selection of engines with capacities from 129 kW/ 173 bhp 
    to 172 kW/ 230 bhp acc. to stage IIIB or IV
  • Selection of transmissions
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Increased life cycle
  • Reduced cost of ownership


MAFI offers MEM named MAFI Eco Mode, an intelligent, economical drive program for operational cost saving and environment friendly operation. MEM leads to fuel savings up to 20 %, reduced operating costs, emissions and noise levels.


Further features are available upon request!