Terminal Tractor T 230 F

The T 230 F is our latest and fittest for purpose terminal tractor designed and built to the most exacting standards and without compromise. The new generation of terminal tractors exeeds the strictest requirements of drivability, comfort and productivity as well as yielding the lowest cost per move in addition to the lowest cost over lifetime.


The success of the T 230 F stems from MAFI's consultations with their discerning clients, with operations, engineering, finance and the drivers themselves not only in Europe but globally resulting this ultimate tractor that is an unmatched fit for purpose tool for the sucessful LoLo operation.


In general the trailer and tractor only detach during maintenance whilst the elevating 5th wheel is ordered as a standard. The MAFI T 230 F is equipped with a fixed 5th wheel for lower investment and less maintenance. The frame structure made of high grade steel is key for the design of the F version and can also be equipped with active up to 14ton air susspension for a smoother ride while unlade. Due to the robust design the MAFI 230 F can go up to a GCW of 90 tons and a wide range of options is available.


Main features:


  • Spacious-cabin with glass door
  • Cabin ROPS/ FOPS officially certified
  • Excellent overall view
  • Selection of engines with capacities from 129 kW/ 173 bhp 
    to 172 kW/ 230 bhp acc. to IIIB EU stage/ Tier 4 EPA interim
  • Selection of transmissions
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Increased life cycle
  • Reduced cost of ownership


MAFI offers MEM called MAFI Eco Mode, an intelligent economical drive program for operational cost saving and environment friendly operation. MEM leads to fuel savings up to 20 %, reduced operating costs, emissions and noise levels.


Further features are available upon request!