Cargo / Rolltrailers

The Cargo Trailer System - a fast and economic

means of transportation in ports and industry

MAFI is world-wide the synonym of rolltrailers used in modern RoRo Ports and Container Terminals.

The Cargo Trailer System, consisting of tractor, gooseneck and cargo/rolltrailer, was developed by MAFI

in the nineteen-sixties and revolutionised the cargo handling in ports. The cargo/rolltrailer, a kind of rolling

platform is towed or pushed by a MAFI tractor and/or a forklift truck with gooseneck.

With this system the cargo can be rolled on or off the ship within a very short period of time.

Still today, this cargo trailer system is used in ports as well as in industry for transportation and mobile storage of all kinds of loads.


The advantages of the Cargo Trailer System are obvious:

  • Simple one-man operation
  • Fast automatic coupling
  • Extremely robust
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Economic transportation and storage
  • Triples transport capacity of the tow tractor


MAFI offers cargo/rolltrailers for the transport of standard ISO containers and heavy loads in ports and industry.

Depending on your requirements the rolltrailers can be designed for other container dimensions and loads and be equipped with fixed gooseneck, parking brakes, lightning, lashings and safety beams. Different kinds of tyres, loading

platform covers as well as locating pins, collapsible twistlocks, container guides and stanchions are also available on request.